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My Current Supplement Protocol For Getting Jacked…& Maybe A Little Healthy Too

The health & fitness world is full of a ton of SHIT…period.  Believe me, I know, I have tried tons of crappy supplements along the way and thought that they were the solution to my problem.  I thought the brightly colored bottle of pre-workout would be the only product I needed to get jacked and ripped at the same damn time. Boy was I WRONG.  So how do you know if its a QUALITY product or just plain ole crap…I will tell you, its quite simple.  If the bottle has POLIQUIN on it, than you can rest be assured its a product worth taking.  Now if you are wondering which Poliquin Supplements are right for you I would suggest contacting your local Bio-Signature Practitioner, just click here to find one

My Current Supplement Protocol:

Uber Zinc- 2 pills 3x a day

Complete Multi Iron-Free- 2 pills 3x a day

Omega-3 Liquid Fish Oil- 1 teaspoon 4x a day

Methylator Support- 2 pills 3x a day

Ultra HCL- 2 pills at every solid food meal (NOT A SHAKE or SNACK)

Uber Inositol T- 10 grams before bed time

Topical Magnesium- 2 pumps before bed time

Workout Supplementation:

BCAA Excellance 2.0- 40 pills during training

Beta-Alanine Supreme- 8 pills during training

Electrolyte Px 2.0- 1-2 packets during training

Carn-Enhanced- 1 teaspoon post workout

Post Workout Shake:

Whey Protein- 60 grams protein (roughly 2.5 scoops)

Pineapple & Grape Juice- 2-3 cups

Quadricarb- 80-100 grams

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Posted by Perry Merlotti on October 18, 2012
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  1. 10/19/2012

    gangter. as always. keep it up. 220 son.


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