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Tools for Getting Jacked: My Current Leg Days

Tuesday- Leg Day # 1 (hamstrings, calves, & abs)

A- Barbell Deadlift with Chains 5 sets 6-8 reps 32X0 tempo 180 sec rest
B- Standing Barbell Goodmornings 4 sets 8-10 reps 4010 tempo 120 sec rest
C- Glute-ham Raises 3 sets 10-12 reps 4010 tempo 90 sec rest
D1- Incline Garhammer Ab Raises 4 sets 12-15 reps 3010 tempo 30 sec rest
D2- Calf Raise Seated Leg Press Machine 4 sets 10-12 reps 2111 tempo 30 sec rest

Thursday- Leg Day # 2 (quadriceps, calves, & abs)

A- Squat Perfect Machine 3 sets 8-10 reps 4010 tempo 120 sec rest
B- Lunges Walking Forward Dumbbells 3 sets 10-12 reps 2010 tempo 120 sec rest
C- Leg Press Feet Three Positions (close, medium, & wide) 3 sets 15-20 reps 2010 tempo 90 sec rest
D- Calf Raise Standing Machine Toes Straight 3 sets 12/10/8 reps 1010 tempo 75 sec rest
E- Crunch Swissball 3 sets 10-12 reps 2011 tempo 75 sec rest


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Posted by Perry Merlotti on December 7, 2012
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  1. 12/7/2012
    Daniel Hall

    Hello, I like the idea of splitting thighs up + hitting calves twice (weak body part I need to focus on) good split! Could you explain the tempo break up of your repetitions please? Going to try and drop my ego in favour of slower reps but unsure of the working, thanks

  2. 12/8/2012

    Great post Perry


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